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Suicidal Angels (GRE) – 2016-05-27 – Division of Blood (VOB)

Legion of the Damned (NLD)
Legion of the Damned (NLD)

Band: Suicidal Angels
Genre: Thrash Metal
Place: Studio
Show Date: 05.27.2016
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 01:16:38

Legion of the Damned (NLD) Line-Up:

Nick Melissourgos: Vocals, Guitars
Gus Drax: Guitars
Orpheas Tzortzopoulos: Drums
Aggelos Lelikakis: Bass


  1. Intro
  2. Divide and conquer
  3. Bloodbath
  4. Tour Documentary Part 1
  5. Apokathilosis
  6. Reborn in violence
  7. Tour Documentary Part 2
  8. Seed of evil
  9. Morbid intention to kill
  10. Tour Documentary Part 3
  11. Beggar of scorn
  12. Bleeding Holocaust
  13. Tour Documentary Part 4
  14. Moshing crew
  15. Tour Documentary Part 5

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