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Paradise Lost (GBR) – 1993-07-26 – Live @ The Ritz, Ybor City, FL, USA (VOB)

paradise lost
Paradise Lost (GBR)
Paradise Lost (GBR)
Band: Paradise Lost
Place: The Ritz
Location: Ybor City, FL, USA
Show Date: 07.26.1993
Duration: 00:26:00
Format: *.VOB
Size: 2.1 GB

Paradise Lost (GBR) Line-Up:

Matthew Archer: Drums
Nick Holmes: Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh: Guitars
Aaron Aedy: Guitars
Stephen Edmondson: Bass

This DVD also includes the Master show -> 1991-07-05 – Live @ Freilichtbühne Am Weissensee, Berlin, Germany

NOTES: **Incomplete concert, but filmed directly up close to the right side of the stage on Gregґs side. Complete band visible but mostly Greg and Nick. Matthew Archer played the drums back on the “Icon”-tour in 1993. Really nice videowork on this one, also nice sound keeping in mind that it is a audience-recording from 1993. All credits to the original taper, cheers!

I would say that this is a must for all “hardcore-PL-fans”…Nostalgia!

Also nice to see less “hit-songs” like “The Word Made Flesh” and “Forging Sympathy”.

No other audience-recording from the “Icon”-tour captures the band so up-close.

*** On a side note: This might be about one of the last remaining “Paradise Lost”-concerts that I have to share from the vaults and boxes of mine. Still to come Dortmund 1994-DVD if nothing badly happens to the VHS-tape before I get it transfered 😉 Also I hope to share the audience-video from “Monsters Of Rock” 1996 later on, yet to find the complete tape, but it is there somewhere hiding in a box in a wardrobe to prevent the sunlight to “eat the goodies”. When time allows that one will be up someday too, but let’s think of it in a nice way…”The oneґs who wait for something good to come around…”

Last note…It nice to finally have “saved” these old tapes and have it on a DVD-disc, a relief indeed.

Supporting: Morbid Angel


  1. Gothic (*Cuts in)
  2. The Word Made Flesh
  3. Mortals Watch the Day
  4. Forging Sympathy
  5. As I Die
  6. Eternal

If you have some information, correction regarding this metal show, please leave a comment bellow.

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