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Nuclear Assault (USA) – 1988-10-22 – Live @ Zaal St. Martinus, Oordegem, Belgium (VOB)

nuclear assault
Nuclear Assault (USA)
Nuclear Assault (USA)
Band: Nuclear Assault
Place: Zaal St. Martinus
Location: Oordegem, Belgium
Show Date: 10.22.1988
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: xx:xx:xx

Nuclear Assault (USA) Line-Up:

John Connelly: Vocals, Guitars
Anthony Bramante: Guitars
Dan Lilker: Bass
Glenn Evans: Drums


  1. Rise From the Ashes
  2. Brainwashed
  3. F#
  4. Game Over
  5. Nightmares
  6. Butt Fuck
  7. Justice
  8. Fight to Be Free
  9. Nuclear War
  10. Survive
  11. Stranded in Hell
  12. Sin
  13. Technology
  14. After the Holocaust
  15. My America
  16. PSA
  17. Hang the Pope
  18. Lesbians
  19. Vengeance
  20. Diamonds and Rust (Stormtroopers of Death cover)
  21. Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)
  22. Equal Rights
  23. Stand Up

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