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Nihilist (SWE) – 1989-04-07 – Live @ Café Nyfiket, Bredäng, Sweden (VOB)

Nihilist (SWE)
Nihilist (SWE)

Band: Nihilist (SWE)
Place: Café Nyfiket
Location: Bredäng, Sweden
Show Date: 04.07.1989
Duration: xx:xx:xx
Format: *.VOB
Size: xx GB

Nihilist (SWE) Line-Up:

Nicke Andersson: Drums
L-G Petrov: Vocals
Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund: Guitars
Alex Hellid: Guitars
Johnny Hedlund: Bass


  1. Abnormally Deceased
  2. Supposed to Rot
  3. Morbid Devourment
  4. The Antichrist (Slayer cover)
  5. Face of Evil
  6. Sentenced to Death
  7. Master (Master cover)
  8. When Life Has Ceased
  9. Revel in Flesh
  10. Premature Autopsy

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