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Mandator (NLD) – 1988-12-17 – Live @ Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland (VOB)

mandator 1988
Mandator (NLD) in 1988

Band: Mandator
Place: Dynamo Club
Location: Eindhoven, Holland
Show Date: 17.12.1988
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 00:45:23

Mandator (NLD) Line-Up:

Marcel Verdurmen: Guitars, Vocals
Hette Bonnema: Bass
Claus van den Berg: Drums
Peter Meijering: Vocals (lead)
Luit de Jong “Dejo”: Guitars


  1. Attila
  2. Posers
  3. Power of the Law
  4. Perfect Progeny
  5. Coition Interruptus
  6. Black Rose
  7. A.I.D.S.
  8. South Heaven (Slayer cover) (partial)
  9. Metal Militia (Metallica cover) (partial)
  10. Whiplash (Metallica cover) (partial)
  11. Another One Bites the Dust (Queen cover) (partial)
  12. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover) (partial)
  13. Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) (partial)
  14. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover)

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