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Legion of the Damned (NLD) – 2008-01-04 – Feel the Blade (VOB)

Legion of the Damned
Legion of the Damned (NLD)
Legion of the Damned (NLD)

Band: Legion of the Damned
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Place: Studio
Show Date: 01.04.2008
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 02:09:09

Legion of the Damned (NLD) Line-Up:

Maurice Swinkelss: Vocals
Richard Ebisch: Guitars
Erik Fleuren: Drums
Harold Gielen: Bass

Includes a bonus DVD with clips from various festivals, studio reports, mixed footage and photo galleries.


  1. Video-Clip of “Sepulchral Ghoul”
  2. Fans Section
  3. Studio Report
  4. Tour Report (from Open Air Festivals 2007 – Tuska/RockArea/Earthshaker/Bloodstock)

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