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Kreator (DEU) – 1992-04-15 – Live @ Casa de Cultura Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (VOB)

Kreator (DEU)
Kreator (DEU)
Band: Kreator (DEU)
Place: Casa de Cultura Estácio de Sá
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Show Date: 04.15.1992
Video Format: *.VOB
Duration: 01:12:00

Kreator (DEU) Line-Up:

Frank Blackfire: Guitars
Ventor: Drums
Rob: Bass
Mille: Guitars, Vocals


  1. Choir of the Damned
  2. Terror Zone
  3. Toxic Trace
  4. Betrayer
  5. Some Pain Will Last
  6. Agents of Brutality
  7. Riot of Violence
  8. People of the Lie
  9. Endless Pain
  10. Pleasure to Kill
  11. Terrible Certainty
  12. Extreme Aggression
  13. Coma of Souls
  14. The Pestilence
  15. Flag of Hate
  16. Tormentor

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