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Disgorge (MEX) – 2008-11-23 – Live @ 1Rock, Moscow, Russia (VOB)


Disgorge (MEX)
Disgorge (MEX)

Band: Disgorge (MEX)
Place: 1Rock
Location: Moscow, Russia
Show Date: 11.23.2008
Duration: 01:02:45+01:05:36
Format: *.VOB
Size: 4.3 GB

Disgorge (MEX) Line-Up:

Willy: Drums
Edgar García: Guitars, Vocals
Gerardo: Guitars, Vocals
Hector: Bass


  1. Intro
  2. Necrholocaust
  3. Pest.Blood.Metal
  4. The Vile Sores in Urticariothrocisim Goulashed Decrepitance
  5. I Watch Myself Rot
  6. Spasmobliterance Filtrates Scabs
  7. Rancid Bowel Sarcoma
  8. Necro.March
  9. Inhuman (Grave cover)
  10. Cadaveres
  11. Ravenous Funeral Carnage
  12. Chronic Corpora Infest
  13. Next Mortuary Division

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