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Bolt Thrower (GBR) – 1991-11-18 – Live @ Brooklake Grange, Federal Way, WA, USA (VOB)

bolt thrower
bolt thrower band
Bolt Thrower (GBR)
Band: Bolt Thrower
Tour: Warmaster Tour
Place: Brooklake Grange
Location: Federal Way, WA, USA
Show Date: 11.18.1991
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 01:12:52

Bolt Thrower (GBR) Line-Up:

Andrew Whale: Drums
Jo Bench: Bass
Gavin Ward: Guitars
Barry Thompson: Guitars
Karl Willetts: Vocals


  1. Unleashed (Upon Mankind)
  2. The Shreds of Sanity
  3. War Master
  4. Rebirth of Humanity
  5. World Eater
  6. Cenotaph
  7. What Dwells Within
  8. Profane Creation
  9. Final Revelation
  10. Afterlife
  11. Eternal War
  12. Destructive Infinity
  13. Realm of Chaos
  14. In Battle There Is No Law

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