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Annihilator (CAN) – 1990-09-26 – Live @ Roxy, Dendermonde, Belgium (VOB)

annihilator band
Annihilator (CAN)

Band: Annihilator
Tour: Never, Neverland Tour
Place: Roxy
Location: Dendermonde, Belgium
Show Date: 26.09.1990
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 01:23:15

Annihilator (CAN) Line-Up:

Jeff Waters: Guitars
Ray Hartmann: Drums
Coburn Pharr: Vocals
Anthony Greenham: Guitars
Wayne Darley: Bass


  1. W.T.Y.D.
  2. The Fun Palace
  3. Wicked Mystic
  4. Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade
  5. Reduced to Ash
  6. I Am in Command
  7. Stonewall
  8. Kraf Dinner (Followed by a drum solo)
  9. Bliss
  10. Road to Ruin
  11. Sixes and Sevens
  12. Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II
  13. Phantasmagoria
  14. Word Salad
  15. Alison Hell
  16. Human Insecticide
  17. Live Wire (AC/DC cover)

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