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3 Inches Of Blood (CAN) – 2008-08-13 – Live @ Thrash Til’ Death Festival, Bulgaria (VOB)

3 Inches Of Blood
3 Inches Of Blood (CAN)
3 Inches Of Blood (CAN)

Band: 3 Inches Of Blood
Place: Kaliakra Stadium
Location: Kavarna, Bulgaria
Show Date: 08.13.2008
Video File Format: *.VOB
Duration: 00:44:58
Size: 2.8 GB

3 Inches Of Blood (CAN) Line-Up:

Cam Pipes: Vocals (clean)
Shane Clark: Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing), Guitars
Justin Hagberg: Vocals (harsh), Piano, Vocals (backing), Guitars, Organ, Bass
Ash Pearson: Drums


  1. Night Marauders
  2. Wykydtron
  3. Trial Of Champions
  4. Fear On The Bridge (Upon The Boiling Sea I)
  5. The Hydra’s Teeth
  6. Crazy Nights
  7. Demons Blade
  8. Forest King
  9. Deadly Sinners
  10. Goat Riders Horde

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